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Book Review- The Meg – a novel of deep terror by Steve Alten (#Meg part 1)

Horror, especially the kind involving giant animals gives me life. I absolutely love this genre. After finishing Jurassic Park, I wanted some more of the chomping action. I found out about this book, when I came across its movie trailer, starring Jason Statham. Having read the book, I am very excited to see the movie… Continue reading Book Review- The Meg – a novel of deep terror by Steve Alten (#Meg part 1)



Everyone loves certain authors and their books. Authors are the people who write books that entertain you, make laugh and even cry. The following authors have helped me get through a lot in life and I would love to share my top 5 with you. 5. ROBIN COOK I first discovered Robin Cook only when… Continue reading MY TOP 5 FAVORITE AUTHORS

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Who hasn’t seen The Jurrasic Park movies? It completely blew my mind as a kid. I wanted to read this book ever since I came to know it existed. The book and the movies are responsible for the way we look at dinosaurs today and also at special effects in movies.   STUFF ON THE… Continue reading JURRASIC PARK BY MICHAEL CRICHTON

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This medical thriller is the third book in the Jack Stapleton & Laurie Montgomery series and the first med thriller I ever read. Released in 1997 this book probes the issue of genetic modification and cloning.   STUFF ON THE BACKCOVER SAYS Chromosome 6 is a prophetic thriller that challenges the medical ethics of genetic… Continue reading Book review -CHROMOSOME 6 BY ROBIN COOK