The dry fasting Miracle by Luke Coutinho and Sheikh Abdulaziz Bin Ali Bin Rashed Al Nuaimi

This lockdown period has been very hard on me and I turned to food to get a reprise from all the boredom and frustration. This behaviour not only made me more lethargic but also made me more prone to illness. Thats when this book came along and started me off on my fitness jorney.
We always hear ‘ You are what you eat’ but, who knew you could also be what you don’t eat! This book is an excellent guide to get you started on the dry fasting/ intermittent fasting journey. The authors have not only explained the actual method but backed it up with science and client stories. There is also a FAQ section which will clear most of your questions.
My experience with dry fasting

  • I am a complete novice and had hardly ever fasted before so the first few days were brutal for me.
  • Integrated fasting ( a mix of dry and intermittent fasting) works the best for me.
  • It frees up a lot of time that I dedicate to meal prepping/ cooking/ eating cleaning up.
  • My relationship with food has changed and I enjoy food more now.
    Give this book a try if you are done with all the keto/ paleo and God knows what not diets out there. Thank me later

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