The Last Avatar (Age of Kalki #1) by Vishwas Mudagal

The book revolves around Neel Kalki a vigilante who comes from a family of armed forces officers. He loses his family at a very young age and learns life lessons the hard way. He grows up to become one of India’s bravest protectors. But a betrayal lands him into the hands of the Chinese where he put through unimaginable pain. Meanwhile a terrorist organisation called ‘invisible hand’ is creating a havoc in the world and try to start world war 3 to serve their purpose. Will weekend Kalki be able to save his country let alone the world?
The plot is fast paced and keeps you engaged. The characters are well developed and pull you into their story. The language is good but there are a couple of typos. The author’s writing style is excellent and makes you feel like you are reading a Robert Ludlum Novel.For some reason I found the portions of Kalkis past to be a tad bit boring as compared to the present sections with Nushen. Also the ending felt a bit over dramatic. The cover is so well illustrated that it makes me want to see the Vanaroids in action in a movie. Over all a great book to read if you want to read a well written and plotted action thriller. I am eagerly looking forward to reading the next part. Recommend for the lovers of action/ sci-fi/ thriller genre.

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