Dear people, with love and care, your Doctors by Debraj Shome and Aparna Govil Bhasker

This book is a collection of 34 stories written by different doctors about their relationships with their patients. The stories are short and heart touching and not all of the stories have a happy ending. Every story will teach you something. The authors have done a commendable job of putting together these tales and narrating them beautifully. They have shown how even doctors are human and how their mistakes affect them. This is a very important message to be given in today’s age and time. Gone are the days when doctors were treated like Gods. Now before even touching a patient, the doctors have to take Gods name hoping everything goes well.
As a doctor, I was thrilled to read this book. It has brought out the doctors human side by letting patients walk in our shoes for a while. It also tells us how we, as doctors, should never stop learning. I also liked how they have included a little “did you know” section at the end of each chapter. My only complaint about this book is that the authors have used medical terms very often and it will be very difficult for non medicos to understand them. I hope everyone learns something positive from this book. Overall a great book to read. Highly recommended for everyone.

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