The girl with blue eyes by Vaiibhav Nigam

It was love-at-first-sight for Armaan when he saw Tanisha. Despite being exact opposites of each other, they manage to keep their relationship alive. Unfortunately, things do not go as planned and they develop compatibility issues. In an unexpected turn of events, he comes upon an accident. Though he survives, the faint memory of a striking face witH blue eyes flashed right Vaibhav collapsed, and the accident haunts him forever. Months later, Armaan has a chance to encounter with the same ‘Girl with blue eyes’ and unknowingly, he is lured into an affair he can’t deny! While he makes all the attempts to hide this from Tanisha, things start to get out-of-control as he is now in a dual relationship. As events unfold, he realises this mysterious ‘Gigirl with blue eyes’ comes with a lot of surprises. Must this ‘Girl with Blue eyes’ rake up his ordinary world?

The plot is fast-paced and keeps you on the edge of your seat. The first half is a little slow and sweet, but the second half is full of plot twists. The characters are well developed and relatable. The language is simple and easy to understand. I feel this book will be a perfect plot for a Netflix series. The character of Tanisha stood out for me. Overall a decent book to read if you are in a mood for a suspense-filled thriller.

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