A night at Achanakmar by Paromita Goswami

The story is narrated by Maya, who sets out with her family to visit a pilgrimage site in Madhya Pradesh. A wrong turn takes them far away from their destination and they end up lost. By the time they get back on track, the night is upon them. They are forced to stay in a guesthouse in the middle of a wildlife sanctuary. To make things worse on the way to the guest house, they meet with an accident. Will they reach safety in time or does the jungle have something else in-store for them?

The plot is faced pace and keeps building the suspense. The character development is ok for a short story. The language is clear and easy to understand. The storyline keeps you guessing till the end without using employing cheap thrills to scare you. Overall a good book to read if you want something of a quick read in the thriller/ supernatural/ suspense genre.

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