Inkredia- Luwan of Brida by Sarang Mahajan

The plot revolves around two dwellers of a small hamlet of Brida – Luwan and his sister Meg. Both of them are forced to leave their village behind due to Luwan’s brave but dangerous behaviour of denying lord Gruwak his monthly tax. On their way to “City” they realise something much worse than lord Gruwak’s guards are after them. Why are they being chased? Who sent death itself after two helpless teenagers? Will they be able to get away in time or will destiny catch up with them? Is their only friend really what he seems?
The plot is fast paced and grips you from the word go. The characters are well developed and hold their own in this plot driven story. The storyline isn’t something new – a chosen one is suddenly thrown into the deep end and he starts realising why he is special as the book progresses. But the author’s execution of this tried and test formula is beautiful. The writing is easy to understand and paints a vivid picture of all the action scenes. I especially liked how the author has not drawn inspiration from any Indian or western mythologies and created a whole new world.If you liked reading Lord of the rings you’ll enjoy reading this book. Highly recommended for all the fantasy/ thriller/suspense lovers.

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