A love story by destiny by Deesha Sangani

The story revolves around 2 couples both of which happen to share the same name. Avanni Singh crosses path with Kiran Kapoor and sparks fly. One thing leads to another and they fall in love. One day they decide to go to Dehradun for a trip. An accident changes the course of their lives. To add to this Avanni runs into another handsome Kiran Kapoor whose girlfriend’s name also happens to be Avanni. Are these couples connected? Does destiny have a ‘happily ever after’ or a painful separation written for them?
The plot is full of twists and will keep you guessing till the end. Inspite of certain instances being a little cheesy and predictable, most of the story was enjoyable.The characters are well developed. The language is simple and beginner friendly. The end is left open and I am expecting a sequel. This is the kind of story that would make a very interesting web series. Overall a good read. Recommended to all tjose interested in Romancantic fiction/ thriller/ suspense.

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