Sreedevi talkies by Karunakaran Shaji

Indulging innocently in primeval adultery and consummate sensuality, the rustic population of Kotta, sandwiched between ancient hills and enchanting backwaters, perpetually trapped in the cinematic illusions of Sreedevi Talkies; their transition to modernity was replete with disillusionments and disasters. In a saga replete with archetypal and mythical lore from Ulysses, Tiresias, Jesus Christ, Ancient Mariner and Kerala’s historical tryst with Communism — the novel is a lyrical journey into borderless territories of the unconscious, when ghosts let out by the Talkies endlessly ensnare the rustics on the slippery paths between reality and fantasy.

The plot revolves around the town of Kotta and its cinema hall called Sreedevi Talkies and how the lives of the townsmen are connected to it. The characters are well developed and relatable. The narration the clear and has a beautiful follow. The author has exhibited an excellent command over the language with a rich vocabulary, which was a delightful challenge to read. I kept a dictionary next to me to fully understand what author was trying to say. I especially liked how the author has used the vernacular language in certain places. It gives a good flavour to the book and makes it more enjoyable to read. If you liked reading ‘ The God of small things by Arundhati Roy’ you will most probably like this book too. Overall a very good book to read , but it is not recommended for beginners.

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