Inkredia- Luwan of Brida by Sarang Mahajan

The plot revolves around two dwellers of a small hamlet of Brida - Luwan and his sister Meg. Both of them are forced to leave their village behind due to Luwan's brave but dangerous behaviour of denying lord Gruwak his monthly tax. On their way to “City” they realise something much worse than lord Gruwak’s… Continue reading Inkredia- Luwan of Brida by Sarang Mahajan


I will go with you/ The final call by Priya Kumar

The plot revolves around passengers of row 26 on the Airbus SL502 and their suicidal pilot - Robert. Captain Robert is depressed and has lost his will to live. He plans to end his misery by taking poison. But fate has something else in store for Robert. Will he survive to tell a tale of… Continue reading I will go with you/ The final call by Priya Kumar


Sreedevi talkies by Karunakaran Shaji

Indulging innocently in primeval adultery and consummate sensuality, the rustic population of Kotta, sandwiched between ancient hills and enchanting backwaters, perpetually trapped in the cinematic illusions of Sreedevi Talkies; their transition to modernity was replete with disillusionments and disasters. In a saga replete with archetypal and mythical lore from Ulysses, Tiresias, Jesus Christ, Ancient Mariner… Continue reading Sreedevi talkies by Karunakaran Shaji