I’m so hacked by Gautam Mayekar

The story revolves around a young ethical hacker @v!, who works as a security researcher at India’s top anti virus company. He leads a rather listless life till he gets a letter from M@dR1. That letter changes his life and sets him on a mission to right some wrongs. Helping him out on his mission are his friends $@m and K!LL3R. But can they be trusted? Will @v! be able to complete his mission or does life have something else in store for him?
The plot starts of slow but picks up speed in the second half. The characters are well developed and draw you into their world. The narration is a little annoying with unnecessary description in certain places. The language is good and easy to understand. I especially liked how the author had used coding language for chapter titles. It was fun to try and crack them. Overall a good physiological thriller to read. One of the best once I’ve ever read from and Indian author. Recommended for everyone with a liking for thrillers/ hacking/ suspense novels.

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