Wonderful Whites by Diwakar Bansal

The book majorly follows the lives of 4 youngster as the evolve from college kids to medical college students to doctors.
Rishi – is the ever studious boy who will sit on the first bench and wants to top every exam.
Rohan – is the fun loving boy who likes to balance studies with time pass
Preeti – is the bright student who is smart and studious
Anvika- is the pretty girl who loves dancing and strives to finds a perfect balance between studies and extra curricular activities.
How this group faces the everyday challenges of medical student life while keeping their sanity intact forms the main premise of this story.
The plot is on the slower side and feels a little dragged in certain places. The characters are well developed and I could relate to them. They brought back soo many memories from my college days. There are some grammatical errors and with better editing the story can be even more enjoyable. Overall a good book for people wanting to read a very realistic account of a medical student’s life or for medicos wanting to relive their college days.

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