The shrine of death by Divya Kumar

The plot revolves around Sneha Pillai, Prabha Sinha and Jai Vadhera. Sneha is a young historian who suddenly goes missing. Prabha her best friend along with Jai’s help decides to find her missing friend. . As their search takes them from Chennai’s busy offices, to the abandoned shrine of a Chola queen, Prabha quickly realises that she has been plunged into the dark world of Idol and Painting theft. Will she be able to find and save her friend or does fate has something else stored for them?
The plot is racy and thrilling and a perfect blend of mysticism, history, adventure and emotions. The characters are well developed and multi dimensional. The language is good the writing is crisp. The dialogues are well written and flow naturally and don’t seem forced. One can clearly see the reader in the author’s writing style. She knows exactly what a reader would want to read at gives them just that in abundance. I would highly recommend this book to all the readers interested in the thriller/ historical fiction/ adventure genre.

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