The Clockmaker: (Jungle Series Book Book 1) by Paromita Goswami

This Book starts in 1948 when a clockmaker is on his way home after repairing a royal clock and forgets his way to home only to get lost in jungle. There he met a black hooded man who asks him to mend his timepiece. This timepiece, the clockmaker reaslises has the ability to control the time. He steals this unique timepiece and keeps on passing it to his next generations. The plot then revolves around that clockmaker’s descendent Ashish Gupta. Ashish, just like his ancestors has been making clocks for a living and excepts his son Vicky to follow his footsteps.One day by sheer luck Ashish stumbles upon his ancestor’s timepiece and discovers its power. While he is still figuring the timepiece out a sudden tragedy strikes and forces him to use the timepiece..will the timepiece help Ashish and his family or will it make things worse?

The plot is interesting and keeps you guessing. The writing is simple and easy to understand. The characters development is good but none of them stood out for me.The middle part of the book felt like an Indian daily soap but thankfully the end was better. Overall a book good enough to get you interested in reading its next part. Recommended for lovers of thriller/ paranormal genre.

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