Where will man take us by Atul Jalani

This book talks about technology and how it is changing every aspect of our lives for better or for worse.
The book is devided into 5 parts
1. Drivers of change – this section talks about technologies like Artificial intelligence, nanotech and genetic engineering. I found all of these to be very exciting and scary at the same time
2. The new society – this section talks about subject like the future of matchmaking, love, relationships, data privacy, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. So basically this section cover every thing that is hot and happening in the tech world and we come across often in todays newspapers.
3. Magic of maths- this section talks about the importance of maths for future predictions. I have personally hated maths since I was a kid so this section wasn’t for me.
4. The end of mystery- this section talks about topics like Astrology, extraterrestrial life, stimulation and the happiness pill. I found the concept of the happiness pill to be very interesting.
5. The new man – this section talks about how humans are making themselves better and thier lives easier. How will the ever changing technology impact us as a society and as a species. At the rate we are going will we able to play God?
Read this book to find out more..
The author has done an excellent job of writing a well researched book. The narration is good and will keep you interested till the very end. A sentence by the author – ” what in my youth was sci- fi is the sci in my middle age” stayed with me. I couldn’t agree more with the author. I remember as a kid finger touch and retinal / face scans were things of the future and super exclusive. Now a days everyone has a touch screen phone with a face scan. If you like sci fi / technology you will love this book . Highly recommended.

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