The mind game by Devika Das

This is an interesting self helpbook. The book is divided into six section namely-
1) Emotions – This section tells us how we can understand, face and control our emotions.
2) Analysing people – This section helps us understand others and elobrates verbal and nonverbal communications.
3) Simplicity and communication – Talks about the importance of simple yet effective communication.
4) Happiness – This section talks about the importance of meditation and spirituality.
5) Anger issue – talks about our biggest enemy and how to conquer it.
6) Happy workplace – this section tells us how to manage a fine balance at work.

The book is engaging and easy to read. I like how the author has used short stories to put her message across. The examples and quotes from psychologist like Sigmund Freud, Eduard Spranger etc make the book more interesting and logical to read. Overall a good book to add to your arsenal, if you are looking achive the ever ellusive goal of mental and spiritual peace.

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