Happily married happily divorced by Swati Kumari

Varushka is a fresh graduate with a good job in hand and big dreams in her eyes. Her parents however have other plans and force her to meet potential grooms for an arranged marriage. Mitash enters her life and changes everything. She agrees to marry him as he wants to support her dream of working and making something of herself. They get married and start a life together in Amsterdam. Varushka is very happy in her new life and loves her husband.But one day she stumbles across something that changes the course of both thier lives. What does she find? Will they ever be able to sort thier difference? Will thier fairy tale end in a divorce?
It is so heartening to see the kind of Romance books women are writing now a days. Gone are the days of pure Mills and Boon dramas. Todays women want more than to be just a “wife”. Through this book the author Swati Kumari has given us one such strong character of Varushka. The writing is good and the plot is interesting.The characters are well developed. I liked how the author has handled the delicate topic of gay rights. Overall a good book to read for all the lovers of Romance genre.

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