Who stole my job by Sunil Mishra

Creative Tech has been one of the most successful IT companies in India during the last two decades. Only that it has started faltering of late. In a challenging and tumultuous business set-up, Marshal Scott, a newly hired American CEO, embarks on a transformation journey that starts on a high note, but soon gets entangled with many unexpected issues.
Will things ever be same the again? Can Creative Tech tide over the disruption wave and reclaim its glorious past?

The plot is fast paced and engaging. The characters are well developed. The english is good amd makes understanding the character’s emotions easy. This story will be very relatable to the people who have worked in the IT industry or even a corporate set up.The perspectives and attitudes of the various managerial positions to a disruption in the field are shown. They all see the same change very differently and that forms the premise of the story. Recommended for all the corporate slaves of today.

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