The Jugni by Gagan Saini

The story revolves around Simar, a strong smart cop who does everything she can to make this world a better place. But our society which detests change, rarely rewards the good people. Simar is trapped and forced to take the most difficult descion of her life. Will she succeed in her goal or will she meet a fate worse than death?

The fast paced plot revolves around a badass Simar who kicks the bad guys backsides on the regular. The characters are well developed. Language is clear and understandable. The author has done a good job of creating a character like Simar which isn’t the typical tomboy or girly girl, but a real smart modern woman. The action sequences are well written and easy to understand. Overall a very good book to read. I’m looking forward to reading more of Jungni’s adventures.Highly recommended.

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