Ashok and the nine unknown by Anshul Dupare

Ashok wandered amidst the corpses, helplessly, looking like a dead man walking among the dead. The wailing of people who had lost their loved ones on the battlefield cut into his soul and it was then that he heard a cry for help.
As realization of the devastation of war seeped in, Ashok decided to dedicate his life towards the betterment of society and try his best to prevent any destruction of life. Realizing he could not do so single-handedly, Ashok created a secret society comprising nine chosen members, who were known as the ‘Nine Unknown’, to help preserve knowledge that, in the wrong hands, could be used to destroy humanity.
Little did Ashok know that the safekeeping of such knowledge had a high price to it; that shadows walk amidst us and that sometimes our actions unspool unimaginable consequences.

This story revolves around Ashok and Amartya along with various other characters thrown in. The story runs in such a way that it is difficult to understand who is the main protagonist. The plot is fast paced and the narration is gripping. The language is good and the author has painted ancient Indian beautifully with his words. Characters are well developed and leave an impression on you, especially Ashok and his transformation. Overall a thrilling read which will keep you guessing with its many twists and turns. Highly recommended for lovers of mythology, thrillers, mystery, history, fantasy.

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