Divyastra by Nimish Tanna

This is a sci fic book with mythology mixed in perfect proportion. It has 2 interconnecting stories which come together in the end. Our portagonist is Shankar Naik a working professional who is unhappy with his mediocre life. He blames his father for not having prepared him properly to face the real world. One day he gets a distress call from his grandfather,which changes the course of his life. Will Shankar be able to go back to his old life or will he turn into someone else?

Divyastra has a fast paced engaging plot. The characters are well developed. Language is good and conveys the characters emotions nicely. I especially liked the character of Dr Vyas. His lectures were informative and well written. I however disliked the whole love story bit and felt that too many chapters were wasted on it. Overall a good read with a nice twist at the end. Hope there is a part 2 of this book. I would love to read more about Shankar and the divyastras. Recommended for lovers of sci fi and mythology.

Thank you to the ARL team for the review copy

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