Once upon a reunion by Nithya Sashi

Once upon a reunion by Nithya Sashi is a romantic suspense novel. The story revolves around our portagonist Nirmala, a 40 something IT professional. Nirmala is married to Sreenu an understanding and loving husband. Both of them are happy in thier married life together. Nirmala however still has feelings for her ex boyfriend. That is why when an opportunity comes up to meet her ex again through a school reunion, she’s not sure if she can handle it. On insistence of her best friend Aarti and school mate Indraneel she decides to attend the reunion. But something horrible happens at the reunion that changes the course of her life for ever.
Once upon a reunion has a fast paced story with well developed characters. The language is excellent and sentence construction is beautiful, this makes the characters feelings very clear and relatable. The English used by the author is above average compared to the kind of English the current crop of authors use.Plot wise more than half of the book is about Nirmala’s relationship with her husband. The last one third is about the mystery/ thriller part and it felt quite rushed and underdeveloped. Even Suresh’s death and it’s immediate aftermath was short. I also didn’t like how the entire climax was revealed by a minor character. Except for these few points the book is a very good read. . I really liked the authors writing style and I am looking forward to reading more stuff from this author Nithya Sashi .Recommended for thriller / romance/ drama lovers.



I have received the book as a part of the review program run by ARL Literary Services in exchange for an honest review.

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