The Inhabitants of the Uninhabited Island (The Source Code Series, Book 1) by Ekat Rin

I am a beach person and love anything to do with Islands. I find them romantic and mysterious and I’m always on the lookout for books on this topic. That is why was very excited, when I got an opportunity to review this book.


Maggie is a programmer and is apt to having dreams about coding, but never before she heard a voice demanding, “Memorize the last line.” Maggie does, but the line only looks like source code. Perhaps, it’s just an outcome of weariness after a fortnight of hard work. Then why … Oh! There are too many whys! They look like just a sequence of coincidences, which happen to bring Maggie and her friends to an isolated tribe on an island that is considered uninhabited. And there, in the jungle, scared out of her wits, Maggie remembers nothing else but the source code from her dream.


Maggie Ray is a programmer who gets kicked out of her house by her billionaire father. She then earns a living by working as a freelancer,but harbours a dream of programming a game based on uncontacted savages. She meets Sandy, a graphic designer and they instantly bond and decide to work on the game together. So when they get an opportunity to visit one such uncivilized tribe on a remote island, they happily grab the opportunity. But will the island and the tribe meet their expectations or will it turn out to be something else?


– interesting concept

– fast paced

-well written


– I wish the book was longer


This book serves as an excellent start for a series of upcoming books. The plot is crisp and the characters are well developed. However, I felt the reconciliation between Maggie and George was not given enough attention and it felt unreal that a strong woman like her would forgive someone that easy. Overall a good book that will get you excited for the next part of the series. I can’t wait to read the next book and will recommend this book for all the lovers of tech, adventure, thriller genre.



I received a copy of this book through the BOOK GENIE REVIEW PROGRAM.


All views are my own.

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