Unladylike: A Memoir by Radhika Vaz

As a Amazon prime subscriber, I get many benefits and one of them is the newly launched Prime reading. While browsing through their selection I came across this book and decided to read it.


Unladylike is a memoir that spans four decades of the author’s life. From stories about a childhood spent wishing she could change everything about her life (including her parents), to her delayed puberty, and the self-esteem issues that accompany a flat chest, Vaz doesn’t pull any punches.Out of respect for various ex-boyfriends, she will dwell on just one man—her wheat-eating, milk-drinking Jat husband. From their extra-long courtship (that he didn’t tell his mother about), to their wedding day and beyond, there are lessons for every girl who has ever thought ‘one day I’d like to be married’. The lesson is: ‘Don’t say you weren’t warned’


I love comedy and I’m always on the look out for something of this genre to read. So naturally I was very excited to read a book by a female Indian stand up comedian. I expected this book to be very funny and full of insights considering the fact that she has proclaimed herself to be a feminist.

Unfortunately the book was neither very funny nor feminist. I think if I’d have heard her say all this stuff it might have been funnier, but on paper it was not. The feminism part was also missing. Since when has wasting time and living a purposeless life become an ideal of feminism? She has just stated events in the timeline of her life. We don’t get any insight or depth into these events. Her husband is shown to be such a completely uninterested and aloof person, that I’m surprised a feminist like her would marry someone who treats her like that.

Lastly there is just one chapter about her improv journey.She has barely touched on the part that I most wanted to read in this book. So if you want to read about her improv journey or her stand up shows you will not find any of that in this book at all. The language is simple with an apologetic tone. Give this one a try only if you really like Radhika Vaz.



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