Everyone loves certain authors and their books. Authors are the people who write books that entertain you, make laugh and even cry. The following authors have helped me get through a lot in life and I would love to share my top 5 with you.

I first discovered Robin Cook only when I entered the medical stream and wanted some non-romantic doctor stuff to read. I will never forget the first book of his, that I read – chromosome 6. It opened up a whole new world of doctors and adventure for me. I always felt that the life of doctors was all about long working hours, dealing with death and work place romance. Robin Cook changed that for me. He is a good writer of fast paced medical thrillers. However I found his titles and plot line don’t often relate. Give him a try if you are into this genre.

Recommended reads – Chromosome 6, Vector, Vital signs, Shock, Mutation

According to me he is the king of spy thrillers. He is the reason I love spy fiction. My uncle introduced me to Robert Ludlum and to this day I thank him for it. I have read the entire Jason Bourne series and am afraid of watching the movies, as I don’t want anything to spoil the series for me. If you love Ian Fleming or are into thrilling spy fiction, give RL a try.

Recommended reads The Bourne Trilogy, The Chancellor manuscript, Scarlatti inheritance, The Paris option.

As a kid I loved adventure, action and science fiction. I grew up watching movies like Jurassic park, Congo, Godzilla, Jaws and loving them. When I came to know that most of these movies are based on books, the nerd in me died of happiness. MC became a Rock star for me. Most of his books are well written with amazing concepts. They usually also have a strong female leads. The only book of his which I did not like till date is State of fear .If you love thrillers, sci-fi or adventure books, give Michael Crichton a try.

Recommended reads- Jurassic park, The Lost world, Congo, Sphere, Disclosure

2. J.K. Rowling
She is my idol. Her books defined my childhood. Harry potter has moulded my childhood in more ways than one. I had seen the first 2 movies, then realised they were based on books around the time the 3rd movie was going to be released. Hence the first HP book I read was The prisoner of Azkaban. That is till date my favourite book of the entire series. Since then I have read and re read the series several times. Everyone time I read it, it’s like visiting my childhood all over again. Everyone should read her books at least once in their lives.

Recommended reads – all the Harry Potter books


To scare you while watching a movie is easy. You get the help of lights, camera angle, and music. However, to scare you when you are sitting in your grandmother’s bright warm and cosy house with your favourite hot chocolate in hand, is the work of a genius. Sai King was introduced to me by my best friend. She gave me Pet sematary to read and I knew I was in love. I still wonder how he manages to write soo many books based on such varied topic with some supernatural element. Everyone should read at least one Stephen King book in their life time.

Recommended read – The shining,The stand, Pet Sematary, Rose madder, The Green mile, Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank redemption.

These were my favourite authors, I would love to know yours in the comments section below.

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